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Year 6


Here you will find a selection of work sheets to print at home or complete in your own notebook.

Remember that these websites will have brilliant resources and games that you can play!! Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables on TT Rockstars! 


BBC Bitesize - This link will take you to Bitesize homepage.  From here click on the correct key stage and it will lead you to some great maths resources linked to what your child has been learning. 

Maths Zone – - A great website full of games, mainly for KS2. 

Super Maths World – Great games for KS2.  Children can log in as a guest or create an account. 

Cool Maths –   Another website full of interactive games. 

Crik Web –  Great free games 

Count On – Full of maths games, activities and further links. 

NRICH –  Challenging maths games and activities 

Interactive maths games -   

Times Tables Rockstars - -  Interactive multiplication resource used to improve times table recall. 

Third Space - - sign up (free) for a huge range of maths resources. There are also premium options available. You will find worksheets, hints, tests and other quizzes.

Diagnostic Questions - - full of quizzes designed to test the knowledge that you have picked up through the year and from other websites. Teachers will be able to set you quizzes on here if and when you are off school 


Answers to the quizzes below are attached. Have a go first and then check your own work. How many did you get right? Can you see where you went wrong? 


Reading for pleasure!  

Reading increases our understanding of our own identity, improves empathy and gives us an insight into the world view of others. So why not immerse yourself in a really good book or two?


10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day  


  • Mental Stimulation.  

  • Stress Reduction.  

  • Knowledge.  

  • Vocabulary Expansion.  

  • Memory Improvement.  

  • Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills.  

  • Improved Focus and Concentration.  

  • Better Writing Skills. 

  • Tranquility   

  • Cheap Entertainment 


On this page you will find a list of suggested books for Year 6, perhaps you could buy one of these books or have one delivered to your home. Remember once you’ve read it you can look for a quiz on Accelerated Reader.  

You will also find character worksheets, book review templates and comic strip templates. You could make use of all of these once you have read the book.  

There is also a World Book Day quiz – how many can you answer!  


Here are some useful websites you might want to look at: - find quizzes on book that you have read. - login for free online books to read at home. ?type=extracts&character&book_author&illustrator - the World Book Day website has some good reading activities and some good extracts from books. 





Here you will find some ideas for creative writing.

Why not spend some time writing your own story using any of the prompts below. Remember to engage yorur reader and include interesting vocabulary, a range of sentence starters and a range of punctuation. 


Our summer term topic is The Mayans. Spend some time researching the Mayans at home and pick pieces from the Year 6 project that you can create. 

You can used the websites below to help you.




Image result for the lion king musical

During the summer term we will spend a long time working towards our production of The Lion King. Why don't you challenge yourself to create your own project. Look at the suggestions on The Lion King project grid. You will also find many other writing ideas and activities in the other Lion King links below.