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Report from St Ives 2016

Many of us had the opportunity to visit the beautiful county of Cornwall as part of our Geography work. Thank goodness we have had the half-term break to catch up on our sleep!

The adventures started early on the Wednesday morning as the excited, but tired, children boarded the coach for our long journey. A stop at Exeter Service Station was enough to wake them up and refresh them for the next leg of the journey. 

Our first stop was at The Eden Project. We were met by the friendly staff who took us to our Rainforest workshop. We had to become ‘Rainforest Rangers’ and we pretended what it would be like wading through the tropical climate thinking about survival techniques. We entered the biome in search of plants that would help us to survive. We made notes of the names of these and listed the ones that we could use for shelter, food or for medicine. We all got a feel for how hot and humid it is in the Rainforest.  

After exploring the rest of the site we returned to the coach for Kevin, our driver, to take us down to Penzance to the Youth Hostel. 

We had fun settling in to our rooms and then we enjoyed a delicious dinner before going to bed. We were all excited so it took us a long time to get to sleep but we woke up the following morning ready for an exciting day in St. Ives. 

We visited the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Gardens and spent some time admiring her beautiful work. We stopped to sketch the pieces we particularly liked. 

We then stopped to eat our lunch and had to carry this out like a secret mission. The seagulls were eyeing up our food so we had to hide it from them before they swooped!

We had a wander through the narrow streets to ask passers by some questions to help us understand why people were visiting the area, how far they had travelled and what their favourite attractions were. As we predicted, most of the people we spoke to were there on holiday and had travelled a long way. The beach was a favourite attraction but unfortunately it was raining when we were there so we didn’t spend long on the sand. 

After a delicious portion of chips we headed back to the Youth Hostel for a better night’s sleep!

Friday was the final day of our trip and we went to visit the beautiful Victorian mansion called Lanhydrock House in Bodmin. We had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful gardens and learnt a lot about life for rich Victorian families when we wandered around the house. 

It was sad to leave as we had all enjoyed a lovely few days away but we were looking forward to seeing our families again to tell them all about our adventures. 

When we returned to school we heard about the adventures of the children who had not been to Cornwall. They’d had a lovely day in Ninesprings and had enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sunshine. They had also done some Forest School activities with Mr Jones.

Here are some of the things we had to say about our time away…

“I liked the Sculpture Gardens because there were lots of hidden pieces of art.” (Katie)

“I liked Lanhydrock House because it was big and beautiful. I liked exploring the gardens.” (Emily)

“I enjoyed the breakfasts because they were yummy!” (Thomas)

“When we went to St. Ives I saw a golden man in the street and we had to give him some money so he would move.” (Megan C)

“I liked it when we went to the beach because we had some chips.” (Abbi)

“I really liked the coach because it was really cool and Kevin was a brilliant driver.” (Jake)

“It was fun at Ninesprings because I built a den and a pretend fire.” (Blake)